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. we have more on this federal crackdown. >> reporter: in 2006 president obama signed the unlawful gambling enforcement act. despite this law and act, the law was never enforced. no one was prosecuted federally during the last two years of the bush administration or the first two years of the obama administration. the first arrest didn't happen until april 2011. that's when the founders of poker stars were arrested. they tried to circumvent the act by setting up fake companies that would accept money from players but on paper these payments were for goods like golf balls or jewelry. however, those products never did exist. the cases were resolved this summer. the owners, forfeiting3 billion in as sets in exchange for the charges to be dropped. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> when news breaks, all you have to do is head to abc2 to download. >>> two people were abducted at gun point and robbed in one of baltimore's wealthiest neighborhoods. now the search is on to find the person responsible. city police said she was headed to a car when three men grabbed her. >> they ap
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1